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Mobile Air Purifying Helmet

VIHELM: A Mobile Air Purifier Helmet

Powerful air supply, super convenient headgear, to get you through this difficult time.

100% PM2.5 Filtration Efficacy

VIHELM: A Mobile
Air Purifying Helmet

Powerful air supply, super convenient headgear,
to get you through this difficult time.

100% PM2.5 Filtration Efficacy

Double the comfort with Vihood

Beisdes Vihelm the Mobile Isolation Helmet, we also offer a lighter version called Vihood. It’s a respirator hood that has all essential features of Vihelm but is more suitable for day-to-day situations.


Bells Craig
California, United States

” You can tell I’m a big fan of your creation! Having something that’s reasonably priced and that is of high quality is very important to me. “

Brian Edwards
New York, United States

” I love the helmet a lot. You guys got it to me in time as things are spiking here with the new variant. We love it and are getting use to it. We plan on buying back up blowers and filters for our helmets. “

Mark Beveniste
Washington, United States

” Your soft mask/helmet design is excellent for frontline workers. The hard helmet looks good for industrial work. This idea already exists in the market places but is much more expensive. It is a brilliant idea that you have made it with a standard type battery! The hose looks like the hose I use for my CPAP machine. This is another good idea to have a standard easily accessed parts. “

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    About us

    Vihelm comes from a team of young innovators in Vietnam, a small country that came out a champion in this challenging time. The Vihelm team believes that mankind needs a better method to contain threats that doesn’t disturb people’s lives or affect the economy.


    ALL-IN-ONE solution provides protection,
    convenience and communication for long-term use.

    • Vihelm’s mutiple-layered blower keeps out all threats.
    • The superior blower provides 6 cubic feet of purified air every minute, meeting NIOSH standards. Run like crazy and you are still able to breathe clean, purified air to your heart’s content.
    • The CO2 build-up inside Vihelm helmet is 2,471 ppm, under half of OSHA’s permissible limit.


    Vihelm also has cool features including a built-in glove and side trays, and scratching holes. You can wipe your face, scratch your head, even eat or drink inside the helmet.

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      Let's put things in perspective!

      At the prestigious iCAN Canada 2020, VIHELM surpassed from 632 projects from 61 countries to win three awards: Best Invention Design Award, Special Award and Gold Medal.

      Independent lab-certified

      VIHELM in the media


      Vihelm has received praises from the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as well as leading physicians from large hospitals in Vietnam.

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