Iso & Lab Certified – Vihelm

Vihelm has been independently tested by the Key Laboratory of Advanced Material for Green Growth, Vietnam National University and meets ISO 13485:2016 Standard of Quality Management for Medical Device.


The world we live in today is full of constant health threats: Pollutants, allergens, viral microbes, etc. A brush against the door knob, a sneeze from the next person on the check-up line… anything can potentially be health-threatening.

With VIHELM, you are protected with an iron-clad defense system, consisting of three protective layers

The first is a replaceable medical-grade filter made from non-woven fabric, which screens out large respiratory droplets and contaminants such as pollens and fine dust while still allowing air to easily pass through. Similar market offerings are surgical masks, though those kinds of filters all share the common limitation of letting past pathogens in tiny droplets..

That’s why we have a second layer: a HEPA filter chamber, which can capture 99.97% of particulate matter down to 0.3 microns, 300x smaller than fine sand. The famous N95 mask serves a similar purpose but has lower filtration efficiency.

A test by an independent lab (dated on Nov. 20th. 2020) has shown that when the PM2.5 concentration outside is 145,296 particles/m3, the level inside Vihelm is 0 in 40 continuous tests, meaning an efficiency rate of 100.00%.
You can access the report on our website:


Vihelm’s powerful blower can draw in 27 cubic feet (ft³) of air through the filters and supply 9 ft³ of fresh air into your breathing zone every minute. As a result, the CO2 build-up inside the helmet is kept at 2,471 ppm (part per million), or 0.2471% (test dated Nov. 19th. 2020).

To read the full test report, click here.

This is a great result compared to the concentration of 5,500 to 11,700 ppm in other surgical helmets and PAPRs measured by the CDC. Even inside N95, surgical, and cloth masks, the concentration can vary from 9,000, up to 14,000, depending on the experiments.

OSHA sets the legal exposure limit to only 5,000 ppm averaged over an 8-hour workday, as high levels of CO2 build-up in the breathing zone could impair thinking, cause headache and dizziness, induce unconsciousness and even death.

If even professional PAPRs can’t meet the standard set by OSHA, imagine how much worse that “next-generation” protective equipment, which seems to focus more on delivering comfort than safety, is? As hardly any gear provided 6 CFM air flow – the standard NIOSH set for loose-fitting PAPR, not only can they not deliver the protection you need, but they might even expose you to more serious dangers.


Do you have to meet a lot of people during work?

If so, you are probably not a stranger to the severe discomfort of long-term mask-wearing. It leaves your face painful and itchy. It raises the humidity and temperature inside the breathing zone, fogging up your glasses and causing rashes and pimples.

With VIHELM, thanks to our high end blower, the air in the headgear constantly moves and provides a feeling of coolness. When test participants put on VIHELM and walk around indoors, the difference in temperature and humidity becomes virtually unnoticeable: an increase of 32.5°F (0.3°C) in temperature and 6% in humidity (test dated Nov. 20th 2020).

VIHELM version 1, with another model of blower, had already shown remarkable power in keeping the temperature increase to only 0.9°C. With version 3, we have gone even further and reduced the difference to only 0.3°C.

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